Quicksilver practices a brand of Wicca that is referred to as "British Traditional". This is the term that encompasses Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca, which are initiatory traditions that trace back to Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders respectively. Quicksilver has connections to both of these lines.

British Traditional Wicca is defined by "orthopraxy" as opposed to "orthodoxy". That is to say, it is the practices that make Wicca what it is, not so much a set of beliefs. The beliefs tend to follow from the practice, but even so, there is a wide range of beliefs among practitioners. One of the shared beliefs, and practices, is the worship of the Goddess, who is seen as the earth mother, provider, the source from which we all come. We also worship her partner, the God, who is seen in the sun, fire and the wild stag, as well as in the seasonal cycles which bring death and rebirth.

Practice centers around rituals that allow us to connect with the God and Goddess of the Wicca. Some believe that the God and Goddess are the masculine and feminine principles of the single divine, while others believe they are a specific pair out of many gods in the universe. Either approach will works with what we do in circle.

While Quicksilver's practice is built on a foundation of traditional rituals passed on by Gardner and Sanders, we do leave room in our circles for experimental and creative work that allows us to deepen our understanding an appreciation of our central mysteries.